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Did You Know?
A 1994 study (University of California - Irvine) showed that after 8 months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers showed a 46% boost in their spatial reasoning IQ!

Our music and academic preschool is a full academic preschool with a strong musical emphasis.  A wonderful fusion of state pre-Kindergarten requirements and music, our preschoolers learn concepts through music and instruction.  Our curriculum teaches letters, numbers, shapes, colors, cultures, and music.  Each child has a weekly piano lesson, music theory, and music appreciation.

Why Choose Discovery Preschool?

  • Skilled teachers who love their job!

  • Musical activities on dozens of instruments

  • Utah Pre-K requirements met

  • Small class sizes

  • Rhythm & movement 

  • Unique curriculum

School Focus

Some preschools spend all their time on the ABC's, while other preschools use the free-learning approach where the child chooses what to do all day.  Knowing what is best for your child can seem confusing.  A 1991 study showed that students in schools with an arts focused curriculum reported significantly more positive perceptions about their academic abilities.

Our school uses the arts, especially music to enhance and increase academic learning and social skills.  We teach them all piano note names and basic note rhythms.  We use dozens of other instruments for activities in listening, sorting, graphing, orchestra play, and more.  We also use singing and movement songs to teach good social interactions and increase coordination as well as right hand and left hand recognition.

 What About Class Size? 

Class size should be small to ensure individual attention throughout the day.  Some schools focus on a student to teacher ratio, meaning there could be 18 or more children in a single classroom.  This means if one child is struggling, one teacher will be helping them while the other teacher is left with the 17 other children.  It is best to have a small class size with one teacher who can easily spread out her focus on her individual students.

At Discovery Preschool we have a very low student to teacher ratio, and as such, are able to provide the individual attention students need to be successful.


Tuition includes instruction in academics, social interaction skills, music theory, singing, dancing, rhythm and movement, and piano instruction.  

Tuition for the 2018 - 2019 school year is $875.  This includes a $25 registration fee and a $40 materials fee paid as a registration deposit.

Tuition can either be paid in full ($810) or divided into 9 monthly payments taken out on autopay.

Classes are held:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 - 12:00



Monday-Thursday 10:00am-7:00pm

Friday 10:00am-6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm





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