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 Lessons to Meet Your Needs  

We offer a variety of music programs to fit your needs.  Take lessons where your goals can be attained.  We offer many programs for students of ALL ages.  Lessons can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the student's goals.

 Why Choose Cedar Music? 

Save Time - Schedule Children Together

Make the most of your time!  Cedar Music saves you time and gas by scheduling your children simultaneously.  Our retail music store makes purchasing music hassle free by saving a trip and ensuring you get the correct materials.

Insist on a Professional Teaching Environment

Avoid distracting environments (phones, babies, etc.).  Our studio features private lesson rooms, a practice piano, flashcards, and more to help students learn before and after their lessons.  We have a wonderful group of qualified, dedicated, experienced teachers.

 Choose a Program That's Motivational and Fun! 

Everyone learns more when they are motivated and having fun!  Group classes, recitals, practice incentive programs, end-of-level medals, and Musician of the Week postcards are just some of the ways we encourage students to do their best!

Students practice more when they enjoy what they are playing.  We let students supplement their learning material with the style of music they want (classical, pop, country, religious, etc.) for a well-rounded education.

  Private Lessons  

Private lessons offer a more personalized approach to learning music.  Teachers are able to spend more time with the student explaining concepts and working on technique. Students can move at their own pace in order to get the most out of their lessons. Private lessons are available for any instrument.  Private lessons are $78 a month for a weekly half hour lesson.*

 Partner Lessons  

Partner lessons are great for beginning students looking for a less expensive learning option.  Two siblings or friends, or two students of similar age and level share a lesson. Partner lessons are for voice, guitar, violin, and any other band or orchestra instrument.  Partner lessons are $50 per student per month for a weekly half hour lesson.*

*A one time $25 registration fee to be paid with the first month's tuition at the time of registration.

REgistration FOrm




CALENDAR:  Tuition is figured on a yearly basis and then divided into 12 monthly payments.  Therefore, your monthly tuition will be the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month or what day of the week your lesson is on. Our calendar is structured so that everyone receives the same number of lessons/classes no matter what day of the week your lesson is on and you are never charged for a holiday.  Scroll down to download your copy of the STUDIO CALENDAR.

TUITION AND FEES: Tuition is due the first day of each month and is collected through auto pay.  A $15.00 late fee will be charged after the fifth of the month, with an additional $15.00 charged for each invoice sent/attempt to collect thereafter.  Tuition is not refunded, adjusted or credited for any reason.  Holidays, school breaks, etc., are built into your tuition. You are responsible for providing Cedar Music with accurate payment account information if such information changes in the future.  There will be a one-time registration fee of $25.00 per student up to $50.00 per family as long as you remain enrolled year round.  If you quit lessons and then return, the registration fee must be paid again.

MISSED AND MAKE-UP LESSONS:  Make-up lessons will only be given for illness or family emergency. Our make-up lessons are given in a group lesson.  To qualify for the group lesson, you must give 24 hours advance notice of your student's absence.  We will make considerations for emergencies and sudden illness. At the time you call to give your 24 hours notice, you may sign your student up for a group lesson.  These classes will be held the 2nd Saturday of the month from 10:30 - 11:15 (changes may be made to this schedule as needed).  If you do not call in advance or simply do not show up, then the lesson is forfeited and no make-up lesson will be given.  If you do not come to the make-up lesson that you signed up for, then the lesson is forfeited. There are no make-up lessons for a make-up lesson.  Please remember that your teacher has set aside a specific time slot just for your student. Please make every effort to keep your appointment each week. Consistency will help your student to progress faster and keep them more enthused and motivated.

TEACHER ABSENCE: On the rare occasion that your teacher is absent, a substitute may replace him/her for that lesson to maintain consistency for the student.  There are no credits or make ups given for a lesson when a substitute is provided.  In the event that no substitute is available, the lesson may be cancelled and rescheduled at the earliest possible date.

CARE OF STUDENTS: Parents with students under the age of 7 must remain in the studio during the classes. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive time periods before or after their lessons. It is fine to drop off 2 or more siblings (only if they are students here), as long as they understand that they must stay in the lesson or waiting area at all times.  Absolutely NO friends, cousins, siblings (not taking lessons here) are to be dropped off with your student.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  You must give 30 days written notice if you need to withdraw your child/yourself from lessons for any reason. You must come into the studio to fill out a withdrawal form. Calling the front desk or telling your teacher is not sufficient to stop the tuition payments.

Contact:  All contact and reminders for our families will be emailed.  Our monthly newsletter will also be emailed. Please make sure you have provided a valid email address to ensure you don't miss out on important dates and events. We will continue to put reminders and announcements up on our bulletin boards and on the classroom doors, but our main source of contact will be email. 

PHOTOS AND MEDIA:  We reserve the right to use any photos, videos, or audio recordings taken of students, without compensation, in brochures, websites, social media, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials we create. Identifying information will be excluded or limited to first names only. Parents wishing to exempt their students from any published media may do so by providing a separate written exclusion request.

LIABILITY:  Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on studio property resulting from normal lesson activities conducted by the students before, during, and after lesson time.  In case of medical emergency, we will use our best judgement in obtaining medical care for the student.  Parent, legal guardian, or adult student accepts all responsibility for any and all related expenses incurred.

We reserve the right update or modify these studio policies at any time without prior notice by email, or by posting the revised version of these studio policies on the website. 


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